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CAMCALC software is intended to help interpret cam lobe lift data into cutting toolpath code for CNC machine tools.

Follower lift for cam lobe profiles is often generated from a variety of standard and complex formulae. Very seldom are these formulae shared for the use of manufacturing. Instead, tables of follower lift vales with corresponding cam angles are provided in design documentation and engineering drawings. CAMCALC uses a combination of techniques and algorithms to read follower lift data and interpret it into usable data for machining the respective cam lobe.

Click for sample cam lift data:

CAMCALC reads follower lift information and can display follower mapping around the cam lobe profile.


Likewise, CAMCALC can calculate the contact points and map cutting toolpath around the same profile.



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Price & availability for CAMCALC

Due to customer response and preferences, CAMCALC software is currently available as a programming service. Send us your cam profile lift data and we will advise how CAMCALC  can provide lobe profile points to be used in your CAD/CAM system, or how we can generate CNC code for your machine tool.